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How To Buy Legal Weed Online (Without Trouble) In 2018

When it comes to buying legal weed online, we are all aware of the potential troubles when it comes to law enforcement, scammers and un-trusted dispensaries and shops. And that is exactly why today, we are listing the best ways to buy marijuana online without being in legal trouble.

The first thing to know is the fact that buying weed online is a responsible decision. After all, not everyone is as nice as you think (or wants to sell you their best products). Speaking of, one wrong move can make or break your purchase and put you behind bars (especially if you are living in a state where marijuana is not legal for recreational use). So…

What do you do when you live in an area where legal weed online is not allowed?

In a nutshell, you need to be resourceful. And this doesn’t involve finding the shady corners of your city and looking for guys in hoodies. Instead, you can open your browser and search for weed online in virtual black markets.

Platforms like Atlantis and Silk Road used to be the front runners in distributing weed online. However, after their closure and FBI seizures, the black market has taken a true hit.

Still, there are versions like Silk Road 2.0 and Black Market Reloaded which are up and running with advanced and decentralized encryption. To buy legal weed online from them, all you need to do is:

  1. Download and run the Tor browser (for complete privacy)
  2. You need to have some Bitcoin in order to make a purchase
  3. If you haven’t, you can buy some Bitcoin (Coinbase is a great place for that)
  4. Search for ‘Black Market Reloaded’ or ‘Silk Road 2.0’

Is there any alternative to this?

Obviously, there is. If you are living in a country where marijuana is legal for recreational use, you can buy legal weed online from dispensaries and sources which are confirmed and well-known to the public.

One of them is our website, SupremeWeeds, where we work hard to give our customers the best weed and marijuana products for recreational use. With us, the chances of buying weed online safely are always 100% – unlike any other method (including the one listed above).

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